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 Google Instant went live on 9/9, read industry experts opinions on how this will affect SEO here, including contributions from White Hat SEO Marketing.  

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Why White Hat SEO? We don't claim to be better or more ethical than any other professional and reputable consultancy and we aren't making a desperate effort to differentiate ourselves from any other consultancy which is founded on correct principles, but it is fair to say that White Hat SEO is the cornerstone of any effective Internet marketing strategy. The Google Search Engine has a huge share in this market and our efforts focus on maximising the value of “free” placements on Google and the other major search engines. We can also provide guidance on Pay Per Click campaigns for you but we are firmly committed to the ROI that can only be delivered long term, through White Hat SEO - coherent, strategic development of organic search engine placements.  

Achieving top ranking can make a significant difference to the number of targeted visitors finding your web site. With most businesses now moving onto the web, the ability to make your web site visible will determine whether you get the kind of new business returns from the Internet that are possible. Of course, competition for "first page listings" is increasing every day and finding the time, knowledge and cost required to earn them have become more challenging. We offer both entry level deliverables to the newcomer to the web marketing scene as well as consultancy to more developed businesses who want to achieve increased effectiveness and process efficiency in this area. Top ranking on search engines is the proven backbone of many established businesses and it continues to be the future of web marketing because it offers the best return on investment.  

Achieving a top ten placement in a major search engine does not necessarily get you plenty of traffic. If your keywords are too general, you will have too many competitor sites to have a reasonable chance of obtaining a top search engine placement. We will guide you through the pitfalls and put you on track to choose the right words and strategy at the right time to increase your business as effectively as possible.  

Services We will work with you devising a marketing strategy to fulfil your sites potential.

We will act ethically, openly and in your best interests and we will manage your project transparently taking all steps necessary to facilitate effective solutions.

We will provide you pre sales support and a proposal outlining the optimasation strategy we recommend for improving the search engine visibility of your site.

Keyword Research.
Create optimised page content.
Creation of new content for your web site.
Maximising the number of links inwards to your site.
Identify processes with clearly defined deliverables