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Keyphrase Research

Achieving a top ten placement in a major search engine does not necessarily get you plenty of traffic. If your keywords are too general, you will have too many competitor sites to have a reasonable chance of obtaining a top search engine placement.

However if you choose a keyword that is too narrowly defined then you may achieve a top placement but there may not be a corresponding traffic increase because no-one is searching for that term.

An essential part of optimasation is targeting keywords that your potential visitors frequently use as search terms. It is also essential that you target phrase/engine combinations which are attainable at the given stage of development that your web site has reached. A key part of our strategy is frequent change to your web site and analysis of resulting traffic patterns. This is a strategy that we have proved to be effective with very impressive results.

The ideal keyphrase is one which is popular but for which relatively few web sites are competing. Note that we say "keyphrase" because in practice it is not usually worthwhile targeting individual words. We will analyse potential effective keyphrase opportunities for your business niche and will provide recommendations and actions based on that analysis. The perfect phrase for your site can often be far from obvious and may be come apparent through process iterations.

Keyword research to make sure your pages target frequently searched keyphrases and niches of low competitiveness is an essential feature of our effort on your behalf. Absolutely critical to our effort is the analysis of existing visitor behaviour to drive profitable optimasation activity.

Many companies will analyse your business objectives and suggest a detailed set of search engine placement targets on that basis at the very outset, however we drive and vary key phrase choice by examining traffic patterns and what you are actually selling.

Our flexible, dynamic approach to keyphrase targeting is different to that commonly used by other firms and is a unique part of past successes and you will learn and fully understand how we use site activity to focus on money winning promotion activity as your project evolves.

Copy writing We will work with you devising a marketing strategy to fulfil your sites potential.

We will act ethically, openly and in your best interests and we will manage your project transparently taking all steps necessary to facilitate effective solutions.

We will provide you pre sales support and a proposal outlining the optimasation strategy we recommend for improving the search engine visibility of your site.

Keyword Research.
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