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 Google Instant went live on 9/9, read industry experts opinions on how this will affect SEO here, including contributions from White Hat SEO Marketing.  

Page optimisation

Once we have identified keywords for you we create optimised page content.

A small number of search engines generate the overwhelming majority of search engine traffic and therefore we focus efforts on the major search engines. The information below shows how a handful of search engines account for almost all search engine generated traffic (source Hitwise).

  Google Yahoo Bing Ask Total
March 2010 71.07% 14.46% 9.55% 3.01% 98.09%

Each search engine assigns a varying degree of importance to different factors but in general, all search engines will consider text in various document sections. Factors to consider include:

  • Keyword Placement
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Keyword Frequency
  • Total Words
  • Keyword Weight
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Link Popularity

In what now seems the distant past, optimizing a page meant filling the Meta tags and page content with repeated keywords and then waiting for the top ranking. The result was web search results full of unreadable and largely irrelevant content.

As search engines evolved, so did we the SEO professionals. Examining successful page characteristics and emulating them on our sites with

These days, search engines are wiser and a more considered and a sophisticated approach is required to attain the top position. The correct use of Meta tags, the page title, image names, alt tags (the text associated with images) and optimasation of image content all have a part to play in search engine optimasation. Placement of link text on your site is critical as indeed is the anchor text in external links.

We have an in-depth knowledge of how each individual search engine works and what we need to do to make your site appear at the top of the listings for a given search term and/or engine. Using this knowledge will enable us to create content which once uploaded and submitted will rank highly in the search engine listings.

A special feature of our efforts is that we can adopt varied techniques according to your business priorities. For example although a search engine may have a modest market share, it lay be helpful to optimise your site towards that engine in its early life. We will analyse traffic profile and respond with the right actions and approach for your web site, we do not follow a set procedure robotically but rather target ongoing efforts based on sales and traffic data. We call this dynamic search engine optimisation.

Link Popularity Link Popularity is a fairly complex metric but link popularity derives from web sites that link to your site.

We have strategies focussed on maximising the number of links inwards to your site.

We will demonstrate results in this area. This is not an empty promise.

Keyword Research.
Create optimised page content.
Creation of new content for your web site.
Maximising the number of links inwards to your site.
Identify processes with clearly defined deliverables