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 Google Instant went live on 9/9, read industry experts opinions on how this will affect SEO here, including contributions from White Hat SEO Marketing.  


One of the big problems faced by businesses purchasing promotion services lies in knowing who to trust. There are plenty of search engine optimisation consultancies who promise marvellous results but fall short when it comes to delivery. Using an unethical or careless consultancy can have catastrophic results for your online business.

Similarly many excellent agencies gain substantial amounts of business based on track record and proven results but fail to keep their clients fully informed as to what they are doing. This can cause problems during the project life cycle as fees or funding request can lead to feelings of uncertainty or insecurity.

To overcome these problems, we identify certain standard set up processes with clearly defined and openly stated deliverables, any consultant will independently tell you that the things we recommend are proven strategies that are steps in the right direction for your web site, therefore you can be confident that your money is well spent.. We also aim to keep you fully informed of our strategy on your behalf, agreeing both actions and the compensation basis at the outset.

We will carry out all of the following for new clients at the outset as a matter of course.

  • We will create a full proposal for your project.
  • We will set up a tracking account for you at hitslink.com.
  • We will run a preliminary search engine health check on your site eliminating the usual pitfalls. We will detail your compliance with the main webmaster guidelines from the major search engines (Google/Live Search/MSN/ODP/Yahoo! all have guidelines).
  • We will check out your directory listings and let you know if there are any issues. We suggest and can co-ordinate the most effective submissions to the most effective directories as detailed here http://www.seoconsultants.com/directories/. Note that selection of placement, link and descriptive texts all contribute to your success.
  • We will set up a link page template for you in keeping with and appropriate to your site and will create some high quality reciprocal 1inks. For a new site the creation of these links is a vital step in ensuring rapid indexing of your site content.
  • We will advise you of the rationale behind our efforts.
  • We will perform a link popularity analysis and advise you of findings.

Glossary We will work with you devising a marketing strategy to fulfil your sites potential.

We will act ethically, openly and in your best interests and we will manage your project transparently taking all steps necessary to facilitate effective solutions.

We will provide you pre sales support and a proposal outlining the optimasation strategy we recommend for improving the search engine visibility of your site.

Keyword Research.
Create optimised page content.
Creation of new content for your web site.
Maximising the number of links inwards to your site.
Identify processes with clearly defined deliverables