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A text file which is downloaded to your computer and which records your preferences so that site content can be tailored for your use. cookies can be used to persist any type of visitor specific data and javascript is commonly used to manage cookies. Site logins are commonly stored in cookies to avoid the need for re-typing. cookies have raised privacy concerns for some users. When you look at a web page, everything that you are looking at is stored on a web server. Usually that web server sits behind something called a firewall. The firewall in very simple terms allows you to request pages and for the server to send back a result in the form of some HTML.

That all works fine until the web site wants to remember something about you. Say for instance that you are a long standing customer who often buys big amounts of discount product. It also allows you to login to web sites without having to type your user name or email address every time. The web site "remembers" you with a cookie. In order to remember things about you some script on the browser creates a little text file on your computer with some harmless information about you. This enables the web site owner to customise your experience of his web site in a way that might be both helpful to you and profitable to the site owner.

The problem is that theoretically some people may not like such information being stored without their knowledge. So there is a setting in your browser that lets you disable "cookie support". The truth is though that if you do that the modern web becomes almost unusable when you do that, such is the reliance on the many handy and time saving things that a cookie can do.