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 Google Instant went live on 9/9, read industry experts opinions on how this will affect SEO here, including contributions from White Hat SEO Marketing.  

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A number of myths are propogated by SEO comanies or in the forums. These include promotion of the value of multiple automated submission or very frequent submissions. Many companies offer "guaranteed placements, which is in fact impossible. You must have a Google sitemap - not true, if your site can be spidered and has enough link popularity Google will index it. PPC ads will help/hurt rankings - not true. H1 (or any header tags) must be used for high rankings. There’s very little (if any) evidence to suggest that keywords in H tags actually affect rankings, yet this myth continues to proliferate. Words in your meta keyword tag - these are valueless. The best SEO consultants don't give their secrets away. Following a 4% Keyword density will help in optimizing the content - Keyword density is a worthless metric. Linking to authority websites will help your reputation - no its backlinks that matter.